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Specifications Digital

DisplayAds Website/Mobile

Delivery of the Banner


By e-mail, no later than 4 working days prior the booked starting date. We need the link separately.
Delius Klasing reserves the right to postpone the campaign if the delivery of an advertisement is delayed or the banner does not comply with the technical specifications. In that case we will postpone the campaign to the number of days that the ad content arrived late. Therefore the contractually agreed runtime and ad impression volume stays the same.


Calculation base 


If you book a CPT campaign, please consider the calculation base of Ad Impressions determined by our Adserver.



If you wish to use sound in your banner material please notice that the sound only may start and stop after a user interaction (Mouse-Over or User-Click).


Change of the banner creative

It is no problem to change your banner motif during your campaign runtime. It is also possible to place more than one ad on your booked banner space.


Display Ads - Website


Format: JPG, GIF, Redirect-Tag, Image-Tag, HTML5
File size: max. 80 KB per ad

TCF v2 / redirect tags, trackings

All technical service providers (vendors) who use agencies and advertisers must be registered in TCF v2.0 (Transparency and Consent Framework) of the IAB (see 

Agencies and advertisers are obliged within the TCF v2 framework to observe the necessary framework conditions in the course of the Consent query of cookies for the delivery of advertising material.
Correctly set GDPR macros are a basic condition to ensure that the content information set by the user can also be forwarded to third-party systems.

If you wish to have tracking of your campaign or integrate a redirect tag, the necessary GDPR macro must be transmitted to us for the vendors used.

So that we can recognise and find this GDPR macro in the future, we need information from you on how and where this GDPR macro is delivered in redirects, scripts, iframes and/or any other tracking. All advertising tags/trackings to be used by us must contain these GDPR macros.

Note: Without this information we cannot ensure that campaigns can be published properly.


Content of the HTML5 Banner

Here is a list of items you will find in most HTML5 creatives:

  • main html file, typically named „index.html“

  • assets: image files (e. g. png), video files (e. g. mp4) etc.

  • css file

  • javascript file


HTML5 ZIP file


Please bundle the HTML5 creative into a ZIP file following these rules:

  • Name the main html file „index.html“ (without the quote characters).

  • Place the index.html file into the root of the ZIP file (do not place it in a sub-folder)

  • Place the assets into sub-folders or into the root of the ZIPfile; if you choose sub-folders, do not compress them.

  • Only use assets used by the HTML5 creative (do not use „orphan“ assets).

  • Keep the ZIP file as light as possible.

Supported file formats in HTML5 ads
For HTML5 video assets, the most common formats are H.264/MP4 and VP8/WebM. At a minimum, HTML5 video should be transcoded into these two formats.
Specifications DisplayAd
Specifications Video Ads

Video Ads

InPage Video Ads


Format: mp4 or VAST-Redirect
File size: max. 6 MB

Please deliver the video and the banner as a file or a download link (no YouTube link).
We also require a target URL for your video.

Digital Apps

Data delivery
  • Inserts: Please send us your insert as a PDF-file with single pages and a maximum file size of 30 MB. The supplement should preferably be in portrait mode to ensure the best possible presentation.Functionalities such as slides or swipes are added by us.

Link activation: Up to 3 links possible.

Delivery date: We need the data until the deadline of the print magazine.

Specifications Apps
Specifications Newslette,r


Display Ads/Presenter

Format: JPG, GIF, PNG

dimensions: 600x150 pixels
File size: max. 100 KB

Delivery date: 7 working days before send out date of the newsletter

Banners, which will be placed in the newsletter, may only be delivered as an image file such as JPG, GIF or PNG, as these cannot be viewed otherwise.


Please note that animations can only be implemented via an animated GIF.
Since not every e-mail program (e.g. Outlook) is able to play an animated GIF, it is recommended to integrate the important information in the first sequence of the file or to provide a static picture.

Sponsored News Teaser

We need the following date from you to integrate the Sponsored news on our websites:


  • title: max. 60 characters incl. blank letters

  • teaser text: max. 280 characters incl. blank letters

Please note that the teasers are always marked with the word "advertisement".


  • quantity: 1 teaser image

  • file format: JPG, PNG

  • file size: max. 6 MB

  • resolution: 600 x 400 pixels

Delivery date

Please provide us with the data at least 7 working days before the send out date of the newsletter.

NativeAds/Sponsored News

We need the following date from you to integrate the Sponsored news on our websites:


  • title: max. 55 characters incl. blank letters

  • teaser text: min. 100 and max. 200 characters incl. blank letters

  • article text: max. 750 characters incl. blank letters

Please note that the articles and teasers are always marked with the word "advertisement".


  • quantity: max. 2 (teaser image plus 1 image inside the article)

  • file format: JPG, PNG

  • file size: max. 6 MB per image

Delivery date

Please provide us with the data at least 7 working days before the start of the runtime. After creating the news, we will send you a link for viewing and approval.


Change of the teaser

A change of the article is possible once a week. You are welcome to send us all the information before the campaign begins.

Specifications NativeAds

Feel free to contact us for questions about the digital ads:

Kristina Billen

Ad Management Digital

phone: +49 521 559 273

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