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100% petrol, 100% passion, 100% automobile

In 1950, the publisher Konrad Wilhelm Delius and the car journalist Arthur Westrup laid the foundation for successful car journalism at Delius Klasing Verlag with GUTE FAHRT. The secret of success was and is the specialization in the brands of the Volkswagen Group. This specialization offers the readers incomparable thematic depth with full journalistic independence and is a real unique selling point.


The concept is also successfully continued in the segment of automotive magazines for classic vehicles. With PORSCHE CLASSIC and  VW CLASSIC  our editors go on the hunt for rarities and open garage doors to automotive treasures that are worth being journalistically featured in the magazine. Here, too, readers appreciate the thematic depth that is otherwise unrivaled, paired with excellent photo series exclusively for their vintage and youngtimers, to which they devote all their automotive passion.


Our magazines now offer a strong presence for multimedia communication  on the Internet, in apps and on Facebook.  

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