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market research water sports

Delius Klasing Verlag, with its media brands YACHT, BOOTE, BOOTE Exklusiv and SURF, has been collecting Europe's largest water sports market survey for many years and thus provides valuable market knowledge together with its partners.

Every two years, the data is collected and presented to the water sports industry together with current trends and individually created brand profiles.

You can pre-order the current market data here. The data will be sent out on 01.02.2022. In addition, further interesting evaluations are possible for your brand management and development.

This data comes from the reader survey of the YACHT and BOOTE brands and was collected in cooperation with the Market Research Institute, Neuhausen.



18 Jahre




In addition to the modules listed, you can receive further evaluations from us that are interesting for your brand management and development. Talk to us directly

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