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The magazine

MODELL FAHRZEUG is one of the German-language special interest magazines
the leading specialist magazine for miniature cars. With the integration of Modell Magazin in 2015, the magazine, which was founded in 1990, gained new opportunities to better represent the interests of model car collectors.
With its great journalistic competence and exceptional image quality, the title MODELL FAHRZEUG fits perfectly into the range of automotive magazines from Delius Klasing Verlag. Up-to-dateness, comprehensive reporting and clear evaluations are more than just a guide for the readers of MODELL FAHRZEUG. Model car collector and builder
All scales, lovers of small series and handmade models, RC and slot car fans will find a diverse mix of topics in the magazine every two months.
Large-format photos as well as lovingly detailed shots of the miniatures also underline the individual character of the MODELL FAHRZEUG magazine.

market position

Due to its leading position, MODEL FAHRZEUG is the undisputed
Information medium for the entire market: end consumers, industry, manufacturers and distributors as well as trade are reached as an important link.

The annual readers' vote "Model Vehicle of the Year" documents the competence of the readers and the magazine: the high turnout is an expression of the strong reader-magazine loyalty. The evaluation of the results allows reliable conclusions to be drawn about purchasing behavior, the image of individual brands and market shares.

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The reader

The readership is predominantly male and active buyers.
MODEL FAHRZEUG offers as a target group extremely knowledgeable readers who are willing to follow the recommendations of the editors.

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"MODEL VEHICLE is important to me."

Monika Grell,
Media Sales Manager MODEL VEHICLE

The website

Fans can find the latest news about car models online at .

The online portal is the ideal complement to the specialist magazine MODELL FAHRZEUG, which appears every two months at newsstands. Even before they make their debut at the specialist retailer, the editorial team shows important news here and also allows a glimpse into the future, classifies and evaluates the new products. There are also interviews and portraits.



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