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Details of printing


Printing process


Content: Web-fed offset

ProfilePSO LWC Improved, Fogra 45

Cover: Shet-fed offset

ProfilePSOcoated v3, Fogra 51


European colour scale. Slight tone values depend on the printing process. The TIC (Total Ink Coverage) may not exceed the total area coverage specified in the ISO profiles. 

File formats

Adobe PDF X-4
Mode: CMYK (Special colors and data in the RGB mode are not processable.)


All used fonts have to be integrated or changed into pathways.


  300 dpi for b/w or color images
1200 dpi for line illustrations

Important information

All important elements (texts, images, illustrations) have to be placed at least 5 mm away from the trim. Any bleed marks must be placed at least 3 mm from the net format .  

Costs for data generation are not included in the advertisement price. The customer is responsible for the correct data transfer and the replication quality. The printer does not conduct any corrections.



Saddle stitch

Data delivery

Terms of payment

Payment in advance is much preferred, sometimes compulsory. 
It can be made either by credit card (Visa or Master Card) or money transfer (bank account):  


Commerzbank Bielefeld 
IBAN DE20 4808 0020 0208 3942 00

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further questions:

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