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Porsche Classic: The magazine for true enthusiasts


Do we remember the feeling when we got into our Porsche for the first time? Everything was exciting, but also a little unfamiliar. Different instruments, different switches, different hand movements. Perhaps we feel the same way when we hold this new issue of Porsche Classic in our hands.


Porsche Classic is constantly evolving in order to preserve what unites us: our passion for the Porsche brand. Our aim is not simply to repeat stories, but to discover completely new aspects of Porsche history. In doing so, we delve deep into the history of the brand and its models and provide insights that have never been experienced before.


Porsche Classic is more than just cars. The people behind the brand - the ingenious engineers, visionary designers and fearless drivers who have shaped the Porsche legend - are in the spotlight. Their stories are told in a lively and inspiring way, giving us an even deeper understanding of the essence of Porsche.


The sports cars themselves naturally take centre stage in the magazine. It shows how icons such as the Porsche 911, 356, 550 or 944 were created and why they continue to fascinate enthusiasts all over the world to this day.


Experience Porsche Classic either in the Delius Klasing Kiosk app or as a digital edition. Additional features such as picture galleries, videos and interactive links provide added value.

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The digital app

You can find the digital magazine in the GUTE FAHRT app  as a digital edition. In addition to the usual print content , the app edition offers picture galleries, videos and many other interesting features. The free Mantel app is available for tablets and smartphones. If you would like to get an impression of our digital editions, please request a free activation code from your contact person.

Our readers use the different media side by side. The assignments of digital media supplement the communication options and increase the number of contacts. In addition to classic print magazines, we offer you exclusive added value with the digital app. The assignment of FlexSliders is particularly eye-catching  in the coat app.



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