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It is not enough for us to write what others have already written. PORSCHE KLASSIK therefore dives into the history of the brand and its models and shows completely new aspects of Porsche history. Porsche builds sports cars that want to be driven. That's exactly what PORSCHE KLASSIK does - even at the limit. At the wheel: experienced motoring journalists and world-class racing drivers.


PORSCHE KLASSIK introduces the people behind the brand. Constructors, designers, drivers, personalities - protagonists shaped the Porsche legend. This magazine brings you into the present. PORSCHE KLASSIK focuses on sports cars. We show how icons of the Porsche 911, 356, 550 or 944 came about and why they are so fascinating in everyday life and on the race track

The magazine appears in the GUTE FAHRT APP as a digital edition, enriched with additional features such as picture galleries, videos and link activations. PORSCHE KLASSIK offers attractive added value via this channel and generates new readers.

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The reader

People with a flair for the special – successful and with purchasing power. The average age of the predominantly male readers of PORSCHE KLASSIK is between 20 and 59 years.


Their level of education is well above the average for “normal” drivers. The target group has a high net household income. A particularly brand-conscious, quality-oriented and affluent readership. Porsche owners love immersing themselves in the world of their automotive treasures. PORSCHE KLASSIK is the only magazine that depicts this world with all its fascination and passion entirely in the interests of the readers.


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"I am your interface to your target groups."

Thea Kohlhoff,
Media Sales Manager

The digital app

You can find the digital magazine in the GUTE FAHRT app  as a digital edition. In addition to the usual print content , the app edition offers picture galleries, videos and many other interesting features. The free Mantel app is available for tablets and smartphones. If you would like to get an impression of our digital editions, please request a free activation code from your contact person.

Our readers use the different media side by side. The assignments of digital media supplement the communication options and increase the number of contacts. In addition to classic print magazines, we offer you exclusive added value with the digital app. The assignment of FlexSliders is particularly eye-catching  in the coat app.



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