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For over 100 years, the YACHT has been as versatile and fascinating as sailing itself. Every 14 days it combines information with emotion. The YACHT provides hard tests, current district reports and in-depth service articles as well as thrilling regatta reports, stories of circumnavigating the world and portraits of those who live sailing. And all this from an editorial team that is on the water as often as possible. Thanks to this competence, the magazine is a clear market and opinion leadership. As initiator and organiser, YACHT is in charge of at the "European Yacht of the Year Award", the world's most important award in water sports.

The market

In Germany alone there are around three million sailing enthusiasts - from dinghy fans to yacht skippers, from charterers to boat owners. In relation to the national average, a disproportionately large number of sailors belong to the upper social middle class and the upper class. They are educated and have high incomes. Accordingly the readiness is pronounced to invest into the hobby. Sailing enthusiasts attach particular importance to quality and service, and they have a high brand affinity.



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"Efficient 360-degree communication and marketing strategies for your company are my drive."

Sandra Böttcher,

Head of Media Sales Water sports

The website

The YACHT is more than just a magazine.


At  sailors meet on the popular sailing site on the net. Here, too, the ambitious skipper combines the familiar label with competence, quality and up-to-date information. The "Yachts" and "Regatta" sections are just as popular as the "News" section.

YACHT TV is the largest sailing video archive in the German-speaking world with over 600 films from a wide variety of categories such as Test & Technology, Sport & Action, Seamanship or Workshop. This makes YACHT tv one of the world's leading online sailing portals in the moving image sector. Due to our constantly growing offer - around 70 new films are produced every year - we always keep our finger on the pulse of the times in sailing. 



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The newsletter

You can use banners in our newsletters to convey your advertising message to our users in a targeted manner. Because users have subscribed to the newsletter on their own initiative, interest is particularly high.

Newsletters are offering:

  • high opening rates

  • advertising in an editorial environment

  • exclusivity (max. 5 advertising media per newsletter)

Shipping rhythm: every two weeks (on the first day of sale of the print magazine)



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The digital App

Parallel to the print issue, the YACHT App, the digital edition with additional features, appears. The free mantle app is available for iPad and Android tablets.


App users are on average younger, have higher incomes and are even more willing to spend than e.g. magazine readers (source: Market Research). All YACHT print ads automatically appear in the app at no extra cost. Multimedia content such as videos, picture galleries and links to your homepage can be booked with our print/app combination. In the Mantel App, attention-grabbing display ads can also be booked.




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