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The magazine

MYBIKE offers more for people who love cycling and are also interested in the latest developments in the bicycle market and are prepared to invest in modern bicycle technology. With independent tests of bikes with and without motors, comprehensive buying advice on accessories and components, detailed travel and tour descriptions and inspiration
and inspiration through fantastic photos, MYBIKE satisfies the ever-increasing demand for information
on the subject of "cycling". MYBIKE focuses on testing & technology and travelling & touring. E-bikes in particular are motivating more and more people to use their bikes for leisure, holidays and everyday life. Modern pedelecs are complex, integrated vehicles and the price level is comparatively high.

This, but also the ever-increasing differentiation of all bicycle categories,
makes competent purchasing advice as well as neutral, transparent and reproducible
and reproducible tests, such as those offered by MYBIKE, are essential for the end consumer's purchasing decision. For MYBIKE readers, cycling is a sporty leisure activity, modern mobility and holiday enjoyment close to nature.
The modern media brand MYBIKE reaches its readers and users via the
website, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter and the app editions. The print edition and all digital products are closely linked in a creative and contemporary way. This all-round offer makes the MYBIKE brand a unique experience.



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"Focus on dedicated recreational cyclists? I'm planning your customized cross-media campaign."

Marion Bertelmann,
Head of Media Sales Cycling

The website

Commuting, touring, mountain biking - with or without a motor. Current test reports, service and mechanic tips and lots of tour suggestions for all types of sport can now be found at one address:

This makes the largest German-language bike portal!


The website covers all facets of cycling - from spectacular downhill biking to everyday bike commuting. Each type of bike has its own section, where you can find detailed tests, guides, lots of touring tips and much more. The homepage provides an overview of the latest articles from all areas.



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The newsletter

You can use banners in our newsletters to convey your advertising message to our users in a targeted manner. Because users have subscribed to the newsletter on their own initiative, interest is particularly high.

Newsletter offer:

  • high opening rates

  • advertising in an editorial environment

  • exclusivity (max. 3 advertising media per newsletter)

Shipping rhythm: 12 times a year





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The digital App

The MYBIKE APP appears parallel to the print magazine.
This is not a simple adaptation. The MYBIKE APP is enriched with additional interactive features. The print ads and inserts can be transferred to the APP. Multimedia content such as videos, picture galleries and interactive graphics offer readers clear added value.



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