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E-mountain biking is a new discipline. Unique technology, special experiences, special types. EMTB, the magazine for e-mountain bikers, makes use of this playground and conveys the fascination: squeezing 100 per cent riding fun out of every metre ridden. Pushing the limits of what is possible on two wheels. A quick after-work ride after a stressful day at work. The shared bike adventure despite completely different fitness levels. A family mountain tour with a children's trailer. EMTB aims to inspire and inform, answer the relevant questions about complex technology and provide the most comprehensive comparison tests. The aim is to guide the reader through the jungle of technical innovations and provide comprehensive and competent advice.


More and more companies are focussing on mountain bikes with e-assistance, and growth is continuing. And rightly so, because the potential of the market is far from exhausted. Motors and batteries have reached a high level of reliability and power, and the quality of e-mountainbikes is now at a high level - even in more favourable price categories. Time for differentiation: Light and sporty for ambitious sports enthusiasts? Chic and simple for style-conscious occasional bikers? Or fully integrated and smart for lovers of technical gadgets? The possibilities for manufacturers to position their brand are as varied as the users of e-mountainbikes. This creates space for new players.



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"Be part of the E-Mountainbike trend? I'm planning your customized cross-media campaign."

Marion Hellmann,
Media Sales Cycling

The website

Commuting, touring, mountain biking - with or without a motor. Current test reports, service and mechanic tips and lots of tour suggestions for all types of sport can now be found at one address:

This makes the largest German-language bike portal!


The website covers all facets of cycling - from spectacular downhill biking to everyday bike commuting. Each type of bike has its own section, where you can find detailed tests, guides, lots of touring tips and much more. The homepage provides an overview of the latest articles from all areas.





The newsletter

You can use banners in our newsletters to convey your advertising message to our users in a targeted manner. Because users have subscribed to the newsletter on their own initiative, interest is particularly high.

Newsletter offer:

  • high opening rates

  • advertising in an editorial environment

  • exclusivity (max. 3 advertising media per newsletter)

Shipping rhythm: monthly





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The digital App

The EMTB APP appears parallel to the print magazine. This is not a simple adaptation. The EMTB APP is enriched with additional interactive features. The print ads and inserts can be transferred to the EMTB APP.


Multimedia content such as videos, picture galleries and interactive graphics offer readers clear added value. EMTB readers / users act multimedia. The use of digital media guarantees additional contacts and makes it possible to
target-oriented and effective customer approach. App users are on average younger, have higher incomes and are even more willing to spend than e.g. magazine readers.




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