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The magazine

BOOTE EXCLUSIV celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2023. This is a milestone: over 157 issues, over 25,200 pages, over 800 yachts published, over 3,500 yachts visited and over 4,000,000 issues sold! Since 1988, Megayacht magazine has been taking its readers into the world of superyachts and maritime luxury - and has long since grown into a globally respected and constant media force. Surrounded by a fascinating industry that is constantly reinventing itself, the brand provides first-class opportunities to position itself successfully in fast-growing markets.


Renowned specialised journalists from all over the world provide a well-founded editorial environment, while technical experts and first-class photographers ensure an exciting and varied composition of topics in every issue.

The editorial team reports exclusively on construction projects, brand new yachts and developments, as well as on the people behind the huge projects, and invites its readers all over the world to dream. And not only with the magazines, but also for years in the well-known digital channels.

The market

Superyachting - a world apart. And a readership that couldn't be more exclusive and wealthy.

In the world of mega yachts, quality, design and exclusivity are mandatory.

Here the budgets are practically limitless. It is important to experience the most casual form of freedom.

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"With enthusiasm for your advertising message in our exclusive target group."

Thea Kohlhoff,
Media Sales Manager

The website

In the "Superyachts" section of the YACHT and BOOTE website, users can find all the fascinating news from the world of large yachts.


The editorial team reports exclusively on construction projects, brand new yachts and developments as well as on the people behind the huge projects and invites you to dream all over the world.



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The newsletter

With banners in our newsletters, you can send your advertising message to our users in a targeted manner. Due to the fact that the users have subscribed to the newsletter on their own initiative, the attention and interest is particularly high.

Offer newsletters:

  • high open rates

  • Advertising in the editorial environment

  • Exclusivity (max. 5  advertising media per newsletter)

Shipping frequency :

  • 6  x annually (to  first day of sale of the print magazine)

  • 6 times a year (industry newsletter, placement possible)



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The digital app

In addition to the usual print content, the digital magazine offers picture galleries, videos and many other interesting features. The free Mantel app is available for iPad and Android tablets.

Most of the app subscriptions were purchased in combination with the magazine! Our readers use the different media side by side. The use of digital media supplements the communication options and increases the number of contacts. In addition to classic print magazines, we offer you digital apps for our water sports objects.

There you can book various integration options as well as display ads



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