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At that time, air-cooled Volkswagens moved the young Federal Republic and today they move the hearts of their fans. Beetles, Bulli and Co. find a worthy platform here - regardless of whether they have been restored to their original condition, given a classic haircut or pampered with a patina.


Detailed reports and tips on maintenance, repairs and tuning tell of the timeless love for old Volkswagens. Authenticity is a top priority: KÄFER REVUE is composed by well-known motoring journalists who have also been privately involved in the Volkswagen scene for decades.

The market

The Volkswagen myth: the Beetle is king of classic car registration statistics, the Bulli is the king of hearts. The huge fan community of the Volkswagen classics keeps the legends going - regardless of whether they are close to series production, light or wildly modified. The cult lifestyle they carry is reflected in more and more festivals and advertising.

The reader

Enthusiasts of air-cooled Volkswagens between the ages of 16 and 70 who enjoy restoring, maintaining and driving.

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"Your advertising is important to me."

Sigrid Pinke,
Head of Media Sales Automobile

The digital app

KÄFER REVUE Digital can be found in the free GUTE FAHRT coat app. The Mantel app is available for tablets and smartphones. In addition to the usual print content, the digital magazine offers picture galleries, videos and many other interesting features. If you would like to get an impression of our digital editions, please request a free activation code from your contact person.

Our readers use the different media channels, print and digital, side by side. The allocation of digital media supplement the communication options and guarantee additional contacts. In addition to classic print magazines, we offer you exclusive added value with the digital app, a targeted and effective customer approach. The assignment of FlexSliders in the Mantel app is particularly eye-catching.

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