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Content specials

With the content specials from Delius Klasing Verlag, you will get the attention you deserve.

The aim of the XXL supplement is to generate attention in the target group of cyclists.

The basis of the cross-media campaign is the print product. Accompanying digital measures on the websites, in the apps, via Facebook and Whatsapp complete the package.

Contact us! We would be happy to plan your individual product!

Example program insert  BIKE

For the customer Carinthia became common  a 16-page XXL travel special about the region with the TOUR editorial team  created. Within the special, the customer received an advertisement on the 4th cover page. Alternatively, this can also be used for partners in the region. In addition, the special was published on the TOUR website as an ePaper.  The special was announced by means of editorial teasers in our newsletters, social media channels and on the website. If desired, the customer can receive reprints of the print product.

Example Upper Austria in  MYBIKE

For the tourist regions in  A 24-page XXL special was published in Austria in issue 02/16 of TREKKINGBIKE. Accompanying the print publication, the customer received display ads on our website  After publication, the special was published as an e-paper on the TREKKINGBIKE website and made available to the customer.  Within the special, the customer has advertising space available for himself and his partners. In our app edition, the special was digitally extended.

Example YACHT Trailer Special

In the 04/17 issue of BIKE, a tour special with 32 pages and a 4-page cover from Upper Austria Tourism was published.  Parallel to the print publication, a billboard ad was placed on the website for a month. The XXL supplement will be released in April as a  Online special  been published.  In addition, nine videos were created, which were integrated into the special via a QR code.  An announcement will be made via the website, newsletter, Facebook and Whats App.

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